Graduate Program Policies

Graduate Program Policies

History MA

Graduate Program Policies

Policy on Academic Probation

Graduate students in the Master’s in History Program must maintain a GPA of 3.3 or higher to be in good academic standing. If a student’s GPA drops below 3.3, they will be on academic probation for the next two academic semesters (not including the summer).

Students will be informed via their UCCS email and in a letter from the Director of Graduate Studies sent via U.S. mail to their address on file. Students may request to meet with the Director of Graduate Studies to ensure that they understand the Department’s policy.

During each of the two semesters (Fall and Spring) on academic probation, a student must demonstrate academic progress and aptitude towards raising her or his GPA to 3.3 or above.

If a student does not successfully raise his or her GPA to 3.3 or above, or if the student does not demonstrate academic progress towards succeeding in the MA program, he or she will be dismissed from the program.

A dismissed student is eligible to re-apply after one calendar year (12 months) from time of dismissal.

Policy on Student Grievances

If a graduate student in the History Master’s Program wants to discuss or file a grievance about a course grade or academic experience in the classroom, the student may meet with the Chair of the History Department or the Director of Graduate Studies in History.

If a student wishes to appeal above the Department Chair or Department Director of Graduate Studies, the student may appeal to the Senior Associate Dean, College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. If that student is not satisfied with the Senior Associate Dean’s action, the student may appeal directly to the Dean, College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. The Dean’s decision on the matter will be final.

Adopted April 2014

Graduate Program Policies (PDF)