MA Program Requirements

MA Program Requirements


MA Program Requirements

M.A. History, Requirements, 30 credit hours (9 courses, min)

HIST 6000: Historiography (3 credits) Offered every Fall semester, Historiography examines the history of historical writing and the ways in which historians research, assemble, and analyze historical evidence. Students should enroll in Historiography during their first semester in the program.

Three History Tracks of Reading and Research courses (21 credits total)
Reading Seminar 1 (3 credits) + Research Seminar 1 (4 credits)
Reading Seminar 2 (3 credits) + Research Seminar 2 (4 credits)
Reading Seminar 3 (3 credits) + Research Seminar 3 (4 credits)

Historical tracks (sequences) are offered over two consecutive semesters with the same professor and graduate students. The first semester is a "readings" seminar; the second semester is a "research" seminar. "Readings" seminars explore the history and historiography of a major theme or region, and familiarize students with the primary and secondary literature in the field. Students enroll in the associated research seminar during the following semester, where they research and write a 25-35-page primary-source based research paper within the field, building a central argument, grounded in the relevant historiography. These three completed research papers comprised the student's final portfolio, defending in Oral Exam (HIST 9600).

One elective course (3 credits) Students select one elective course, which can be an upper-division or graduate course in History or another discipline (pending approval of Grad. Studies Committee). We encourage student to consider completing an internship in the HIST 6995: Graduate Internship in History course with one of our community partners as their elective. Working in an historical organization is excellent experience for future career possibilities.

HIST 9601: Graduate Capstone (3 credits) During this capstone course in their final semester, students enroll in an independent study with one professor from their History tracks. Students revise and finalize their portfolio of three research papers and defend the portfolio in a final oral exam.