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About the Department

The UCCS History Department offers an engaging and dynamic learning experience for students interested in studying history.

The department provides a diverse range of courses taught by expert faculty, equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and critical perspectives needed to comprehend the complexities of the global world. In addition, it boasts a robust regional list of internship opportunities as well as other critical professionalization support, ensuring that students graduate with the skills and experience necessary to jump-start their careers.

Department Research

The faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates of the UCCS History Department are actively engaged in research that is showcased in prestigious national and international academic venues and disseminated through peer-reviewed publications, academic conferences, and public lectures.

Our faculty cover a breadth of time periods from ancient and medieval history to 20th- and 21st-century periods; areas from the U.S. and Latin America to East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe; and topics from the history of religion, women's history, subaltern studies and power dynamics, migration, and public history and digital humanities.

Alumni Success Stories

Chris Schreck
2018 Pioneers Museum Intern and current Lead Archivist, Clark Special Collections, USAFA

My internship was at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum in the summer of 2018. While there, I processed a small archival collection produced by a local historic ranching operation, the Hanna Ranch, and created an interactive online exhibit based on its contents. In addition to working on this specific project, I was able to tour the museum's facilities, biew its collections, meet the staff, and learn of the unique challenges and opportunities an organization such as the Pioneers Museum faces. Some of those challenges include a small staff size, working with the public to produce relevant exhibits, and maintaining archives and artifacts in a building that is nearly 120 years old. Over the course of the project, I grew as a professional archivist and historian. I learned about the history, geography, and geology of the Fountain Valley, how to read deeds and other land-related documents, and about Colorado homesteading and the early pioneers who did it. I even learned a little bit about ranching! I really appreciated the opportunity to work in the community, make connections with professionals in my field, and work hands-on with documents that help us tell our city's unique story.

Heather Poll
Former Intern and current Museum Technician, CS Pioneers Museum

My internship at CSPM allowed me not only to research local history but also to experience it first-hand through a variety of projects. Applying research methods I learned in the undergraduate and graduate programs at UCCS, I was able to hone those skills to create thorough database entries for incoming donations into the museum. I worked with natural history, geological, anthropological, artistic, archaeological, ethnographic, ceramic, archival, and textile collections, helping to catalog, store, inventory, and care for pieces of historical importance. The greatest benefit of this internship was learning skills and techniques used in collections care and management that I have been able to apply directly to my career in the museum field. Of personal importance to me as a lifelong resident of the city is that I participated in preserving historical objects from the Colorado Springs area. The entire staff at the Pioneers Museum are a pleasure to work with, and they are passionate about teaching the care and display of their collections.

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