Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate History Degrees & Programs

Through values of careful and thorough research, knowledge expressed in evidence-based arguments, critical thinking, empathy in approaching human difference, and clarity and creativity in self-expression, the UCCS Department of History leads students to a deeper understanding of the complex global world we live in while strengthening students' professional abilities in many areas.

Undergraduate Degree Program

History, BA

The Undergraduate History Degree Program offered by the UCCS History Department provides students with a broad understanding of historical events and ideas, as well as the skills necessary to conduct research, analyze sources, and articulate arguments, preparing them for a variety of career paths.

Specialization Track Options:

Asian Studies Minor

The Asian Studies minor at UCCS allows students to engage with the diverse cultures, languages, and thoughts of Asia. The program's broad and critical approach emphasizes the need to understand the differences among the regions of the continent and its approximately 4.5 billion people.

Civics Engagement through U.S. History

In response to the CU Regents US Civics Initiative, calling for proposals to encourage “the specific study of the United States governmental system, its history, founding documents, the evolution of the understanding of these documents over time, and the nature of, and challenges to, our liberal democracy,” the History Department is now offering both a Certificate and a Minor in the history of American civic formation.

Civic education is typically defined as the study of the theoretical, political, historical, and practical aspects of citizenship and the institutions of democratic governance. Civics often centers on the rights and responsibilities of members of society in relation to laws and government.

History Minor

The History minor offers students the opportunity to study and explore the past in a focused and in-depth manner. Through the program, students can gain a better understanding of historical events, ideas, and trends, and develop critical thinking and research skills.

Pre-law Minor

The Pre-Law minor is a program of study that is ideal for students who are interested in gaining an understanding of the legal, political, and social systems of our society. It is a suitable minor for those considering a career in public service, public policy, or graduate study in law.

Honors, Fellowships, and Awards

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