American History Courses


American History

HIST 1510: U.S. Birth of a Nation, 1607-1789
HIST 1520: U.S. Expansion and Division: 1789-1877
HIST 1530 U.S.: Emergence of Modern American, 1865-1920
HIST 1540: U.S. Recent America, 1918 to present
HIST 1550: African American History: From Africa to the Present Day
HIST 1560: Introduction to Environmental History of the U.S.
HIST 1575: History of the American Southwest
HIST 3580: Immigrant Histories
HIST 3600: The Global Sixties
HIST 3650: Economic History of the United States
HIST 3700: Colonial America, 1607-1763
HIST 3710: Good Wives and Nasty Wenches: American Women’s History, 1607-1877
HIST 3720: From Slavery to Freedom: Slavery & the African-American Experience in Colonial and Antebellum America
HIST 3730: Vision and History of Native-American and African-American Narrative
HIST 3740: African-American Social and Political Thought, 1790-1980
HIST 3750: Orphans, Paupers and Other Vagabond: Poor Relief in the U.S., 1607-1937
HIST 3760 Bombs, Bullets and Brotherhood: History of American Labor
HIST 3770: A Strange Quiet: Epidemics in U.S. History, 1607-1920
HIST 3780: Welcome to the World’s Fair
HIST 3790: Body of Liberties: Law in American History, 1620-1920
HIST 3810: History of U.S. Medicine and Health
HIST 3850: Historical Geography of the United States
HIST 3980: The Vietnam War Through Film
HIST 4510: The American Revolution: The Forging of the Union, 1763-1789
HIST 4520: “The Last Great Necessity”: Cemeteries and Memory
HIST 4530: Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-1877
HIST 4540: American Religious Cultures, 1945-2000
HIST 4580: The American West
HIST 4690: Colorado History
HIST 4710: Asian American History