Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance


Ancient, Medieval & Renaissance

HIST 1010: The Ancient World
HIST 1020: Medieval World
HIST 1025: Medieval Plague, Modern Pandemic
HIST 1050: Mythologies of Europe
HIST 3010 - Women in Classical Antiquity (n)
HIST 3140: King Arthur: History to Myth (n)
HIST 3160: History of Ancient Egypt (n)
HIST 3150: Mesopotamian - History (n)
HIST 3170: History of Ancient Greece (n)
HIST 3180: History of Ancient Rome (n)
HIST 3200: The Crusades (n)
HIST 3420: Medieval Europe (n)
HIST 3440: Stuart Tudor England (N)
HIST 3460: Early Modern Europe (N)
HIST 4110: Early Medieval Europe (N)
HIST 4120: The Twelfth Century Renaissance (N)
HIST 4140: Women in Medieval Europe (N)
HIST 4150: Astrolabes, Arms and Azulejos (Tiles): Medieval Science, Technology, Material Culture (600-1500) (N)
HIST 4160: A Crossroads of Civilizations: Medieval Spain and North Africa (600-1500 C.E. (N)
HIST 4170: The Greek Historians (N)
HIST 4230: Renaissance-Late Middle Ages (N)