European History Courses


European History

HIST 1010: The Ancient World
HIST 1020: Medieval World
HIST 1025: Medieval Plague, Modern Pandemic
HIST 1030: The Age of Revolutionary Europe (n)
HIST 1040: Europe Since 1800: Struggles and Transformations (n)
HIST 1050: Mythologies of Europe
HIST 3010: Women in Classical Antiquity
HIST 3160: History of Ancient Egypt (n)
HIST 3170: History of Ancient Greece (n)
HIST 3180: History of Ancient Rome (n)
HIST 3200: The Crusades
HIST 3220: Genocide: The Case of the Nazis and Jews (n)
HIST 3250: Germans and the Holocaust (n)
HIST 3380: Germany Since 1945 (N)
HIST 3490: History of Ireland
HIST 4120: The Twelfth Century Renaissance (N)
HIST 4140: Women in Medieval Europe (N)
HIST 4150: Astrolabes, Arms and Azulejos (Tiles): Medieval Science, Technology, Material Culture (600-1500) (N)
HIST 4160 - A Crossroads of Civilizations: Medieval Spain and North Africa (600-1500 C.E. (N)
HIST 4170: The Greek Historians (N)
HIST 4230: Renaissance-Late Middle Ages (N)
HIST 4260: Europe in the Age of Enlightenment
HIST 4270: Liberty and Empire: Europe in the 19th Century
HIST 4290: Europe and the World: 1492-1750 (n)
HIST 4390: The First World War
HIST 4490: Europe Between the World Wars
HIST 4500: World War Two: a Global History